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  TechniPharm does, when budgets allow sponsor selected activities or events. Mostly our sponsorship is directed to creating an additional agricultural based entertainment factor at shows or fieldays and help the organizations behind these events to grow. Over the years we sponsored the very first real cafe at National Fieldays, also Cutting horses where a first at National Fieldays in 2006. The TechniPharm Cutting horses where very popular and we continued this sponsorship for 3 years and showed them off in Christchurch, Fielding and Northland shows. The very first Rodeo event in Hawkes bay was also sponsored by TechniPharm.

Angus New Zealand

World Angus Forum

TechniPharm is committed to the Beef industry and where possible shows this by sponsoring events which promotes advancing the industry

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Beef Trials Spectacular

The Land Australia

TechniPharm has been a shared sponsor for the Australian Beef Spectacular Steer Trials for several years.
The trials are a significant contribution to deliver best cuts to consumer specs and allows breeders to select for traits which will deliver these.
Technipharm make farming ezy animal handling systems are designed to perform and assist our clients in their farm business extracting best value across the board

View PDF document onlineWinners Beef Trial Aus 2017.pdf

Fieldays 2014

Fieldays 2014, sponsor

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The Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial

3rd year sponsor

THE Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial

Shrimptons Hill

Short Gestation Specialists


Holstein Friesian Nz Annual Conference 2013

Southland Branch visit to Cowhouse Bruce Eade

Our sponsor ship here helped the members with a greater level of understanding in respect of housing cows
The facilities at Bruce Eade where made available to have a discussion and lunch.

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Speckle Park

Rebecca Johnson Show Horses />
Rebecca is very involved in many aspects of the equine industry. in 2016 she will also be involved in the Kaimanawa horses. A special show at Equidays will also feature on the agenda

TechniPharm sponsors Rebecca in her endeavours through our equine smart yards.

Sponsorship Cutting Horses

The sponsorship of the TechniPharm Cutting horses was a great way to show farmers and the public how clever a horse can be and how easy it is for cattle to be driven by the horses.
The cutting horse association got a great deal of profile out of this which helped them grow the organization and attract new members.

Sponsorship Rough Riders

The rough riders based in Palmerston are a team of stunt riders. They perform nationwide and often are involved with horse related scenes in movie work.
Joe and his team attract a great deal of interest where ever they go. They put on a great show at Central district Fieldays and again at National Fieldays 09

Sponsorship Young Farmers National Competition

Technipharm was privileged to sponsor the National Competition held in Rotorua a few years ago.
The young farmers had to complete various animal handling tasks for which we provided a Handler and yards.
Sheep shearing was also part of the skill based competition and for this yards where also provided.

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