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On this page you will find the various categories of products or services we provide for Cattle Farming, on a small block, full size commercial or at a Station we have the best designs and quality superior products for you.

With over 14000 reported cattle related injuries in NZ alone and most expensive ACC claim at 800 K decent facilities are a cheap insurance

TechniPharm is committed to being the leading provider of farm automation and handling equipment. Technipharm handling solutions are of a Make Farming Ezy high quality, have superior extensive features and benefits. TechniPharm products are made specifically for the purpose, not dictated by a cheapest can do price.

We price ourselves in sharing with you what our current clients already know, we invite you to do business with us .

If you think price is an issue, show us the math and we match price, feature for feature, spec for spec @TechniPharm "we make farming ezy"

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Cattle Handlers
Cattle Handlers (11)
Choosing a Cattle Handler is important.. it will, to a degree, shape the future... much like choosing genetics in your breeding program... TechniPharm® has a superb range of cattle handlers to suit your needs from the Highflow 260 HD Extreme™, the #8™ cattle handler, Hydracommander™, Midranger™, Cattle Pro 1000™ to the Cattle Pro 500™. We can provide every feature you'll need at a budget that suits!
If you are after a product that has received awards and the ticks all the desired features boxes, that is safe and out performs all other handlers, a TechniPharm® Cattle Handler is your only choice.

11 products - view them here
Cattle Handling Bull Beef
Cattle Handling Bull Beef (1)
Bull Beef is a category on its own, the handling requirements of this type of cattle requires a unique approach to Handling. These requirements have led to an innovative new design development, just for Bull Beef. Using TechniPharms popular Concertina and Rotating Yoke Necklamp headbails as foundation stones for the Bull-Beef-Box and Bull-Beef-Box prime and a price value you can not walk past, tis is your Handling product for Bull Beef.

1 product - view it here
Cattle Handling Headbails
Cattle Handling Headbails (6)
TechniPharm offers you a range of headbails with specific performance features, from a small block to a commercial farm or stud farm with large bulls...
No other company has won more awards than TechniPharm for its design, application and performance..
Over 11 awards both in New Zealand and in Cattle Country Australia... now sold around the world Cattlemen simply love them.

With over 14000 stock related injuries your best insurance is quality well designed gear which makes your farming ezy.

6 products - view them here
Loading Ramps
Loading Ramps (2)
We do them all, straight, with or without catwalk, mobile, curved and the best one of all the PRORAMP.
Designed with truck driver safety in mind PRORAMP is best.

2 products - view them here
Drafters (1)
When you draft Cattle out of a handler, draft forward... not sidewards, cattle like moving forward and the more we accustom them to do that the better they will flow through the yards. In particular when weighing you want fast flow and a good draw... what makes working with Cattle enjoyable is to have no stress in the Cattle and no stress in the handlers. TechniPharm has a number of drafting options from simple manual gates, pulley and rope and fully automatic EID drafting

1 product - view it here
EID (2)
EID or Electronic Identification is here. Made compulsory November 2011. Tagging all cows with an EID tag is simple and provides many benefits. The ability to offer full traceability to our overseas customers could prove vital for the industry as a whole. Additionally, EID offers management benefits on farm, the real stuff, where it all happens. Get on board with EID, it's fun, gets you working on a new level and it will show you where your real performance strengths are. TechniPharm makes EID ezy, from tagging to a full management system. "we make farming ezy"

2 products - view them here
Weigh Systems
Weigh Systems (21)
When you buy a bag of spuds, fertiliser or seed, it's by the kilo... right?... when you buy some ham or a steak, it's by the gram.... so why is it that when it comes to monitoring or selling cattle many farmers are still without scales? Then again many have seen the benefits and have had a set for years... some are still waiting "maybe next year" But how many kilo's have passed you by? how many cattle have underperformed? you would never know... make a change, be courageous get a set today! TechniPharm offers several brands for all purposes and budgets.

21 products - view them here
Smart Yards - Beef
Smart Yards - Beef
Yards are like a ute, you need them, you abuse them and expect them to work when you want to. Wood or steel are the main elements used in constructing yards, both have advantages and disadvantages, which ones apply to you, only you will know. A choice of steel yards has however proven superior to wood by many farmers. Design, flexibility of change, value retention, saleability of yards as a chattel when a farm is sold, full depreciation in year of purchase, no breaking rails ever are all benefits which appeal.... look further into the options we offer. Proven and solid designs for a robust farming profit future.

View products here
Robust Cattle Yard Gates For Wooden yards
Robust Cattle Yard Gates For Wooden yards (2)
Steel K Rail gates for your wooden yard are a must, you will never look back or have to be afraid that a gate will break because K Rail gates are robust, well engineered and simply unbreakable! Made of solid genuine K Rail and designed to fit most common sizes. We also do custom made gates specially to your specifications.
Order some today! Allow at least 4-6 weeks from order to delivery as these gates are popular! Where else would you get a 10 year bend it or replace it warranty?

2 products - view them here
Presto Shed™ for your Handling area
Presto Shed™ for your Handling area (1)
Presto sheds™ offer you a multitude of options for a quick and ezy, professional cover over your new or existing yards. The Presto Shed™ concept is easy to integrate. Standard designs with lots of options make this the cover of choice for many. All systems are fully kit set, but very easy to erect.
A 6 x 6 would take 2 people approximately 3-5 hours to erect, ready for use.
Cattle and staff will appreciate the cover.

1 product - view it here
Kattle Gear Permanent Race and Force
Kattle Gear Permanent Race and Force (1)
Kattle Gear Australia is one of TechniPharms Cattle Handling equipment partners, the company based in Bendigo has a reputation with many Australian beef producers for ergonomically designed superior designed and constructed yard systems. TechniPharm is proud to have available for NZ Beef producers their highly sought after lead in race and force system. For the real serious beef producer this is it...

1 product - view it here
Pregnancy Detection systems
Pregnancy Detection systems (2)
TechniPharnm offers both Ultra Doppler for on farm use and Ultra Sound real time scanners for veterinarian use.
Both systems can be extremely beneficial to farm management and profitability outcomes. Know what is pregnant and know what is not!

2 products - view them here
Transporters (1)
Inter farm transport can take up a lot of time and cost. Stock and machinery can easily be transport with large tractor pulled heavy duty transporters, saving you time, money and better control.

"we make farming ezy"

1 product - view it here
Electric Fencing Energisers
Electric Fencing Energisers (1)
These energisers are well priced, well made and will give you years of reliable service. We have sold these now for nearly 10 years and our customers love them.
Made in the land of remote access, droughts, tropics and sunshine, (Aus) they do stand up! And so do the Cattle they keep out. We also offer a great solar range!

1 product - view it here
Pasture Management
Pasture Management (1)
Most farmers have two banks, a money bank and a pasture bank. One they know the exact balance of, every day, day by day... the other.... ??
With a Pas-T-Plus electronic measuring tool you will know exactly what you have... per paddock, per hectare, total farm, growth rates.. you name it you are in control.

1 product - view it here
Farm safety in animal handling
Farm safety in animal handling (1)
Farm safety is and always has been an issue, many farmers have learned from practical experience and "know the dangers" animals are unpredictable, farm equipment can get caught up in undesirable situations. Maintenance and pre use checks may not always happen when they should. Also many farmers are now on average older and we are engaged in more distractions (Mobile phones for example) With a focus on safety TechniPharm aims to provide some solutions and suggestions to minimise the dangers, we invite you to talk to us and help you where we can add value. for starters a simple 3 point check

1) always check equipment before use, yes that includes animal handling equipment, check the head bail is locking properly , check gate latches are locking, grease where need be and make sure trip hazards are removed or identified.

2) have a look at how you do things, are there better ways of doing it? are staff properly equipped? do you have designated safe area's (we recommend that cattle and people are kept separated when possible, so a handler or headbail open to a pen with stock is not safe)

3) what else can you do? have you considered an upgrade to more relevant up to date design? remember equipment designed in the past is based on what the past determined was "safe" Design and materials may have changed.

Some product and recommendations which may help

1) A Pacifier can help a great deal in keeping stock relaxed so you can do what ever you need to do with stock

2) Headbails with secondary safety locks may just be that extra safety you after, our Rotating yoke Headbail is the only headbail on the market with this feature.
Alternatively large stock units may consider full Hydraulic "hands off" equipped units
Technipharm provides a range of handling systems for Beef, Sheep and Dairy animal handling, we have been in business nearly 30 years and have an experienced team

3) Yard and Handlers with lots of gates and safe access points, properly designed access to headbails and stock treatment area's are critical design "hot" spots
We happy to help you with a handling facilities assessment and provide some recommendations for what needs doing. (base cost time @ $55/hr and travel at Km rate )

Call us 0800 80 90 98

also see for general farm safety information and tools

1 product - view it here
Farm Safety
Farm Safety (1)
Farm Safety solutions are often very simple but clever things which make the job ezy
TechniPharm has a range of such make farming ezy solutions ready for you to engage on your farm

1 product - view it here
Gate Openers
Gate Openers (2)
Automatic gate openers are great devices to safe time, be it a winter break or feed pad or yard pen release. Make farming ezy with an automatic gate opener

2 products - view them here
Polybelt™ HDPE Lining material
Polybelt™ HDPE Lining material (1)
Polybelt™ is a great material to screen off those area's where we can get cattle to move better, races, lead up race to loading ramps, be it one side of a race or both. Allso great as wind protection, tree protection, feed troughs and many more uses around the farm.

1 product - view it here
Animal Care: Castrating tools
Animal Care: Castrating tools (5)
You have heard about them, seen them, or have used one... now is the time to get one of these easy to use bloodless Castrators from TechniPharm.

Get some beef on hoofs first and castrate later. Stop using unsafe knives, remember safety is an issue, fingers do not grow back.

Free testostorone is provided by leaving bulls intact for longer, growing you more frame and more beef at no extra cost

Castrate later, make mor money and improve safety on farm

Your staff will love you for your choice to use EZE Bloodless Castrating systems from TechniPharm

"we make farming ezy"

5 products - view them here
Animal Care: Anlift & Pelvic Lifter
Animal Care: Anlift & Pelvic Lifter (2)
Heavy calving, grass staggers, or a roll down the hill, cows do go down from time to time. To get them up is not always easy and hipclamps are not ideal. TechniPharm has some very innovative well proven solutions..

2 products - view them here
Animal Care: Animal Control
Animal Care: Animal Control (2)
The Newtek Animal control unit is designed to create a safer working environment for staff and a greater wellbeing experience for the animal under treatment.
Bovine related accidents are common and ACC claims are an expensive way to get you back to work. Avoid the hassle and get a Pacifier. "we make farming ezy"

2 products - view them here
Rubber Matting For Handlers And Races
Rubber Matting For Handlers And Races (1)
Need a good grip for races and handling areas? this rubber matting material is superb for creating a solid ground for your cattle.

1 product - view it here
Ripa-Grip™ Clamp what an invention
Ripa-Grip™ Clamp what an invention (1)
Ever tried to hold two round bits together with a G clamp
Tried to saw a steel pipe holding it under your feet?
Weld a pipe in place yet it slips away everytime you start the weld?
Well now there is Ripa-Grip™!

1 product - view it here
Animal Care: Gas Debudders
Animal Care: Gas Debudders (1)
The LPG Gas Debudder is great for fast and safe debudding, simply bolt the fitting at the end of the hose to your standard LPG regular fitting BBQ gas bottle. Maintains highest temperature 500-600C ensuring a quick & efficient job - No waiting for it to reheat - just one calf after the other! A cordless, multi-use, gas debudder is also available.

1 product - view it here
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