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Seelect A Cow(™)  The Drafter Which Delivers Results

Seelect A Cow(™) The Drafter Which Delivers Results

The Only National Fieldays Supreme Equipment Award Winner 2008

Running after "got a away" cows is no fun missing cows for AI is a right out lost opportunity drafting manually is just so time consuming..

Now there is a Dairy auto drafting system which needs no stopper or flipper gates. Incorporating SST (speed sensitive technology) and award the winning split gate drafter. Detect cows by mobile tag reader gun in the yard or dairy shed or by pre determined draft list, or on the go while milking.

Incorporate an automatic teat spray or walk over weigh system if you wish... all in a modular compact system ready to bolt down in any dairy or if you like get the 'in pit switch' version and upgrade later.

Award winning patented technology from independent manufacturer TechniPharm...

Incorporate this auto drafting system in your new Dairy shed from day one or upgrade your existing dairy shed.

"This system is great for renovating a herringbone shed" to auto draft capability.

Lachlan Mckenzie Rotorua, NZ "I have a in pit switch version of this drafter and have had this for several years I am happy because it does not break down so minimal running cost"

Melanie and Mark Kingsbury, Oamaru have a full Seelect a Cow system , "Love it , makes drafting big mobs a breeze, just did a cidr mob and only had 1 miss draft! on 80 cows"

Just bought our second system for Dad's farm !

Mel Eden, Dairy Exporter, August 2014. "There are some terribly time-wasting drafting systems about. Even without automation, manual twin drafting gates right at the end of a herringbone pit and operable from the pit are marvelous however, with electronic tags mandatory why not use the resource to make work easier? There's enough to do elsewhere on the farm without doing things that machines can do for you. Progressively turn your milking into the parallel of the smart houses we read about. The technology is here now."

"We make farming ezy"

award award This unit received the judges Supreme winner status , it is the only drafter with this accolade in the New Zealand/ Australian market.

View PDF document onlineSeelect A Cow(™) The Drafter Which Delivers Results (1 Mb)
View PDF document onlineSeelect A Cow Information Pack TH1372M V1 (4 Mb)
View PDF document onlineSeelect A Cow Pricelist TH1424M V1 (190 Kb)
View PDF document onlineSeelect A Cow Support Information - V1 (529 Kb)
View Vimeo product video Ezy Video - Seelect A Cow iDairyfarm Auto Drafter from TechniPharm
View Vimeo product video Ezy Video - Seelect a Cow auto drafting system
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