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Rainlike Water Through Magnation

Rainlike Water Through Magnation
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Rainlike Water Through Magnation

Improved Efficiency

As demands on Earths previous resources continues to increase mankind is challenged to look at sustainable ways in which to increase efficiencies and better utilise its resources. Humans are infinitely innovative and often solutions come when the pressure is on The science of Magnetron of water is not new, but the ability and systems to do this similarly to natures forces is. Improving water quality, best utilisation of nutrients and more effective use of your water is now possible trough a simple and clever system provided by the Magnation range of products. Rainwater has extremely flexible chemical element and molecular structures which are created naturally in the process of rain water creation (cloud to ground creates this energised chemical and molecular structure ) this results in water which is highly effective and enhances uptake by plant and soil. ( it always grows better with rain water ) In storage ( tank, basin, aquifer or river) changes occur and water takes on a much more inflexible structure and chemical elements and molecules react and combine this makes water hard and thus harder for plants, soil and animals to take up and process this water. (this process of hardining happens regardless of it being real rain water or magnatised water and generally occurs within 36-48 hours ) The natural process of energising water is simulated by magnetising it so it takes on a state of near natural rain like water . The science behind the effects of the magnetising principles is explained in the lorenz force theory. many papers have been published by various people and institutions Science is important, but scientific proof is not paying your bills, what does matter is the actual benefits received by real people with real crops and real farms , these benefits are widely documented by users around the world by seeing and measuring the benefits in reduced water use, reduced power use to pump water and better healthier crops and soils Read the extensive list of referrals from farmers around the globe making much better use of their resources and creating better products and more profit



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