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Teat Spray With Sst

Teat Spray With Sst

Speed Sensitive Teatspray Is Superior

Speed Sensitive Teatspray solutions (SST) is here and is now fast taking over the conventional standard or older type(air) auto teatspray systems. SST means you increase accuracy of spray every cow every time. Cows are not robots and as we all know they move at various speeds, this can upset the accuracy of a conventional system. SST solves this, it detects where the cow is in the race and feeds this information to the SST "brain". Based on that information the teats are sprayed with superior accuracy from a 2 nozzle technology system. For herringbones over 40 asside we recommend a Master and a Slave unit. For a Rotary, SST can be a stand alone system or incorporated in Seelect A Cow auto drafting system and/or walk over weigh system. Want a handgun at cups off? no problem, this is run from the main unit... no compressor needed. Uniquely designed electronics and SST two nozzle technology ensure excellent spray pattern and reliability. No need for pressure vessels or compressors, most popular unit. Call us now. 0800 80 90 98

Mel Eden - Dairy Exporter August 2014 "Next on my shopping list would be an automatic teat sprayer. In spite of the purists saying no machine is as good as a person, they're wrong. Automation to take over boring, repetitive but necessary tasks is money well spent. Modern machines work well and do not interfere with cow flow. Install them in a herringbone right at the head gate and in a rotary either have a between-the-legs sprayer close to the exit or walkover in the exit race."

"We make farming ezy"

View PDF document onlineTeat Spray With Sst (214 Kb)
View PDF document onlineSwh Teatspray TH1518M V1 (3 Mb)
View Vimeo product video Ezy Video
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