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Scraper Systems For Clean Lanes

Scraper Systems For Clean Lanes


Automatic scrapers come in various formats and designs, the Europeans and North Americans have a long development history in this field. Length of drag, width of lane, lane surface, type of effluent all need to be considered. For every in house facility there is a system, just a matter of choosing the right one.

Length of lanes and drop offs are all guiding factors in what system may be most economic. Some systems require much in the way of additional concrete work which means an additional and often (hidden) build cost.

Ongoing maintenance is a additional consideration.

General options are

Chain systems (loop)
Rope systems (loop or individual lanes)

Electric driven, hydraulic driven

Robot scraper ( Generally suited for slatted floors only)

Brands like Rope scrapers ( Brouwers) , and Chain scrapers (JOZ) have been used in NZ .

"We make farming ezy"

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