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Electronic Identification Systems

EID for beef is allowing you to be a more profitable farmer without working harder... Facts and Stats about your "conversion" grass to beef is vital in optimising your output. Bluntly you are first and formost a drymatter and energy grass growing operation... secondly you are a converter of grass to protein... in the beeffarmers case Meat. How well you convert has a direct bearing on your profitability. The smarter you go about this the more money you make.

Technipharm can make your farming ezy with EID. Benefits are *Auto drafting * Auto weighing * Easy ID performance records * Easy treatment / life history recording * location/tracing recording * Easy animal counting * Auto Feeding

Keen to know more? call us 0800 80 90 98

"We make farming ezy"

View PDF document onlineEid Info And Price List TH1350 TH1472 5/6/15 (2 Mb)
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