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Drafting Study Paper

Drafting Study Paper

Drafting Layouts And Facts You Should Know

If you are planning an automatic drafter or teatsprayer you need more than just the "gear" you need to develop and design an infrastructure to ensure the system can work effectively.
TechniPharm invested in a Research paper to establish the main criteria and facts about what works and what does not.
How do cows flow, what puts them off and what encourages them. This information is extremely valuable and can increase flow and function substantially on most properties. The information is made available for free for those who buy our drafter or teatspray system, however there are also other farmers and organisations who would benefit from the information. We happy to share that information at a token cost to farmers and at a commercial cost to other organisations.

Private licenced copy including video footage for use on one farm only and for sole benefit of that one farm
$500 plus GST

Commercial licenced copy including video footage for use on multiple farms for one organisation at cost $20.000 plus GST (subject to licence conditions and agreement)

The IP in this R and D paper is owned by the TechniPharm group of companies, any breach of IP rights will result in legal action.

"we make farming ezy"

"We make farming ezy"

View PDF document onlineDrafting Study Paper (1 Mb)
View PDF document onlineSeelect A Cow Information Pack TH1372M V1 (4 Mb)
View PDF document onlineSeelect A Cow Support Information - V1 (529 Kb)
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